WhatsApp is coming up with a new system


WhatsApp is a well-known social media. This communication service is used to exchange personal information. This app can currently be used on smartphones. However, this communication medium is testing the benefits of using WhatsApp without a smartphone. WhatsApp can be used on desktops and websites without a smartphone. In that case, you have to get permission from the smartphone, and you have to have an internet connection. However, the new facility will not stop the exchange of messages even if the battery of the WhatsApp user’s smartphone runs out. The app, which is owned by Facebook, said the app could be used on a maximum of four devices at once. At first, it will be tested on a small number of users. Later, if everything goes well, it will be open to everyone.

WhatsApp follows an end-to-end encryption policy from the beginning. There is no possibility of personal information being leaked. WhatsApp said the new system would follow the same policy.

But Facebook engineers say the WhatsApp software needs to be redesigned to do this in a new way. Because at the center of the current system of WhatsApp is the smartphone app. That’s where user information is stored.

The new multi-device system does not have to rely on a smartphone as the hub. As a result, it will be possible to update user information on multiple devices seamlessly and securely.

Devices on which WhatsApp will be used will be connected to different ‘Identity Keys’. WhatsApp will keep an account of the identity key. As a result, WhatsApp will not have the problem of storing information on its own server.

“No matter how much emphasis is placed on WhatsApp’s security, if there are messages on multiple devices, it’s a matter of concern,” said Jake Moore, a security expert at anti-virus maker Asset.


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