What to do if your smartphone falls into the water


First, it’s worth knowing if your phone is in any real peril. In recent times, numerous smartphone manufacturers have made their bias water-resistant. But water resistance isn’t the same thing as leakproof.

Leakproof means that a device is impervious to water for any duration, while water-resistant means that a given device is graded for water exposure for a given quantum of time and up to a certain depth. When we talk about watches, smartphones, and tablets, we generally mean water-resistant. To figure out how tough your phone stands up against water, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the IP standard, which the International Electrotechnical Commission in Geneva, Switzerland drew up to designate how resistant an electronic device is to freshwater and other common accouterments like dirt, dust, or beach.

Many times the smartphone falls into the water forgetting the mind. Sometimes it gets in the rain. If you are not careful about a number of things, the smartphone is likely to be completely destroyed.

Moreover, if you fall into the water, the smartphone should first be turned off your device quickly. If a security case is installed on the smartphone should be opened. and try to remove the SIM card, battery, and micro-SD card.

the smartphone is too wet, the water inside should be taken out quickly. For this, it is necessary to carefully put down the smartphone’s earphones or the charging port and take out the water carefully. Keep in mind that smartphones can’t be shaken in any way.

After taking out the water, it is possible to remove the water by touching the smartphone carefully with a soft towel. After that, leave the smartphone in dry rice for a minimum of 48 hours. Then to reduce the humidity, the smartphone should be kept in an air-proof container or bag with a packet of silica gel.

Smartphones can never be charged while wet. This can lead to shortcircuits on the logic board of the smartphone and cause major damage. The smartphone can’t even be given in the sun to dry. Because the heat of the sun can damage the internal components of the smartphone. The smartphone can’t be dried with a hairdryer either. One thing to keep in mind is that the smartphone cannot be turned on or charged without drying up completely.


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