Many people have problems with smartphone batteries. But there are some ways to charge the battery so that the battery can be kept well for many days.

100 percent charge is not always good for our smartphones. Mobile batteries are healthier if you charge 90 to 95 percent without fully charging any smartphone. However, you can be charged 100 percent once a week. This process will ‘recalibrate the battery’. Not good for any phone. Usually, our phones have lithium-ion batteries. These batteries work best when they have a charge of 30 to 50 percent.

However, today’s smartphones have battery protection so that the phones stop charging after a full charge, and some phones are 100 percent charged, even if you charge the phone all day, the phone will not charge in any way.

However, if you still have a habit of charging overnight, you have to give it up. We often fall asleep with phone charges at night. This puts pressure on the battery. Many times it is hot.

Also never use the smartphone when it is charged. In many cases, while playing games with a smartphone charge, the display, processor, and other parts of the mobile, the power from the battery is used.

Remember, when the battery charge of the mobile is less than 20 percent, it weakens the whole device. Using different apps with less than 20 percent charge day after day reduces the lifespan of the smartphone. That’s why you have to charge the phone before it is less than 20 percent charged

Many people play games with a smartphone charge. At that time the power reaches from the battery to the display, processor, and other parts of the mobile. Then there is the competition between the current usage of the battery charge and the amount of charge supplied by the charger. As a result, the battery of the mobile gets overheated.


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