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From today I will publish tech and tutorials in this web site.

Let’s get started you use windows pc ? is your pc slow download day by day? ok, let’s fix this problem. Today I will share a  toolkit with you. 1st download the toolkit from click here. Now install it on your pc. This toolkit supported on windows 7.8 and windows 10. Now click on this optimizer and open it 1st time you can see this type of interface. From here you can select the Them. There are ocean caramel,  magma. Lime, Zerg, and Minimal them. Don’t forget to update your toolkit by clicking check & update you can update your version. Now go to universal there you find many enable and disable the option if you want to disable windows defender click on it and your defender will disable. This is pretty much cool sure?  Then click on apply and restart.

2nd step

Now goto startup menu    here you can find all  startup programe now remove a file that’s not need you.as a result your windows start time will be more fast.

3rd step

Goto common apps here you type all kind of usefull pc apps. Rember you should download  it beacse this is not pre active apps. Now select your desire apps and click on download you can also change your download folder from here.

4th setup

Click on cleaner and select all  . then click on clean . this clean up clear your all temporary files windows logs and BDOS minidumps file.

5th step

We skip the pinger host and integrator option because this file does not need for us. now go to the registry and select enable all. make sure you select also restart explorer to apply change then click on the fix. I hope this toolkit helps you to optimize your pc. if you love this don’t forget to comment below.


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