To stop the spread of fake news on Facebook. And Facebook groups are used repeatedly to spread fake news. Because of this, confusion can be spread among many users at the same time. And so this time, Facebook has come up with a new feature for group admins. With the help which fake news can be stopped.

From now on, fake news can be identified in advance with the help of third-party checkers. With the help of this, it will be possible to identify the post with false information from itself. And in that case, with the help of this feature, it can be deleted. At the same time, the postman can be blocked or suspended. In that case, in the future, the poster will not be able to make any post in that group.

With the help of this feature called Admin Assistant, it is believed that it will be much easier to control the group. From now on, the member request can also be deleted automatically. This can only be done with the help of pre-installed filters. It is possible to disobey the user’s request in case of not having a profile picture, a new account, not answering questions before entering the group, or not complying with the group rule.

Facebook is always careful to prevent fake news. Mark Zuckerberg’s company has previously been seen identifying such posts and taking action. From Covid-19 to election-related fake news or the recent Russian attacks in Ukraine, misleading news has also been seen circulating on social media. This time, the Facebook authorities have taken a new step to identify such fake news.


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