Netflix will be available at a lower cost in the next one year!


Netflix is a platform for comfort for those who are not interested in going to the hall and watching films. It is a popular site on the OTT platform as users from here have got a chance to watch new movies, dramas, videos, and shows.

Netflix is taking billions of dollars out of subscribers’ pockets every year. But this time, it is heard that their popularity has started to fall. Netflix is in losses.

Users have to pay a lot of money to watch favorite videos on this popular site, so many people are reluctant to use this site. That’s why the first three months of this year have been much worse for Netflix.

The reason for this, of course, is strong. The popular web platform has lost 200,000 subscribers in the last 100 days. This was the first major setback for the company in the last decade.

Another major reason for the decline in the number of subscribers on this platform is the Ukraine-Russia war. Netflix was suspended in Russia for carrying out attacks in Ukraine. Besides, the company has lost many customers in the United States and Canada due to the increase in subscription prices.

So the company is desperate to get back the lost subscriber. In continuation of this, the company will soon make a low-cost subscription plan to attract the attention of platform lovers. However, ads will also be connected to the video to reduce the plan of the users.

Although the aim is to keep the platform ad-free, it will no longer be possible for the company to do so. In this regard, the company’s CEO Reed Hastings said that advertising will continue in the show. Therefore, the cost of getting the subscriptions now, users are going to get it more cheaply in the next one year.

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