The High Court has ordered the closure of all popular dangerous online games like Free Fire and Pubg. Monday (August 18) at noon. Mojibur Rahman Mia and Justice. The High Court bench of Kamrul Hossain Mollah passed the order.

On June 24, two Supreme Court lawyers, Barrister Mohammad Humayun Kabir Pallab and Mohammad Kausar filed a writ petition in the public interest on behalf of the Law and Life Foundation, a human rights organization, in the relevant branch of the High Court.

The High Court had fixed today for the next hearing and order after a strict lockdown on the matter on July 1. The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) was asked to provide a copy of the legal notice sent to the concerned government department within that period.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Home Affairs had recommended to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission to stop it, expressing concern over the addiction to free fire and pubs. Even before that, Pubg was temporarily closed but was later reopened.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications said at the time that the two games had created addiction among teenagers and young adults. But a sudden shutdown will create an adverse reaction. Therefore, steps will be taken to stop the two games in a healthy and alternative way. the youths will play the game with a VPN even if it is stopped. Those who are addicted to such games can play the game in various alternative ways including VPN. We will try to take steps to stop all that.

The Bangladesh Mobile Phone Subscribers Association has recently called for urgent steps to control free fire and pubs as a result of creating addiction among teenagers and youths. Nepal’s courts have recently banned pubs. For the same reason, the game was banned in Gujarat, India. Some were even arrested for playing the game.

The online video of South Korean game developer Blue Whale was launched in 2016. From then on, this game quickly became popular among the young generation of Bangladesh. In 2016, Pubji topped the list of most popular online games, leaving behind games like Angry Birds, Temple Run, Candy Crush.

On the other hand, the war game Free Fire created by the Chinese company in 2019 became similarly popular among the younger generation. Students are becoming addicted to these games, especially as schools, colleges, and universities are closed due to the Corona epidemic.

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