Recently Euro truck simulator 2 release a 1.40 game version. This version is best at this time. Today I will share what is update in this version

New Visual Lighting System

To prepare for this new lighting system, ETS 2 teams had to make a lot of changes in their game not only to the graphic renderer, its code, and other functionalities also to existing in-game objects; including a majority of the in-game textures, and materials to better work with the new physical before version 1.39 and the model of the new lighting system.

Revisiting Germany

The biggest change that comes with this update is a complete reskin and rework of all the highways and roads in this part of the in-game world, which was not retouched in previous updates like 1.37,1.38, 1.39.

Additionally, the areas around Dortmund, Köln, Dusseldorf, and Duisburg have not only benefitted from a complete road network redesign but a few new intersections and roads as well! The southern part of the Bundesautobahn 7 is now available in this update.

New Cities

The first of these is the city of Bayonne, located in the southwest of France; it is the capital of the French Basque Country and an important connection for drivers heading to Spain as it is located close to the border.

The second location is the smaller commune of Lacq, which is located in the Arrondissement of Pau. While this small village is going to be just a scenic drive-through for most, Lacq is home to the largest refinery in France.



New Visual Lighting System


Germany Reskin

New French Cities (Vive La France ! DLC)


Two new paint jobs (from the Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pack) for owned trailers


Full-text city/company search in the job selection screen

Improved vehicle adjustment menu (F4)

Download link : Click here


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