Apple’s low-cost iPhone is coming a week later


Technology giant Apple could unveil the affordable FiveG-enabled iPhone at their spring product launch. The iPhone S3 is one of the few products that Apple is going to update this year. Analysts say Apple’s smartphone sales will increase further thanks to the third-generation iPhone SE; Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

Apple has not updated the iPhone SE handset for the last two years. The Forge model is currently priced at ৯ 399. And Apple’s affordable FiveG smartphones are priced at ৯ 599 and the iPhone 13 series is priced at ৬ 699. John Donovan, an analyst at Loop Capital Markets, said he had heard that the new iPhone SE would start at ০০ 300. On the other hand, Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wadebash Securities, thinks that Apple will keep the price of the iPhone at ৯ 399. iPhone S3 is an updated version of the current model. It will have wireless FiveG support capabilities as well as a new processor, Apple’s current A15 chip. There will be more advanced cameras. Analysts at JPMorgan said last December that when the new iPhone hits the market, users will leave the Android smartphone and turn to the iPhone. According to the leaked news, Apple’s product unveiling ceremony may be held on March 7.


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