How to properly install “NaturaLux”

Naturalux is one of the best graphis mod of this time.  It make your game visual more realstick than other mod.

What have in this mod

Over 250 skybox/skydome textures in mostly 8 and up to 16K quality

Every single skybox/skydome texture comes with individual and the most realistic visuals, as currently possible within the game limitations

Improved, custom and realistic cloud shadows

Realistic sun visuals (including custom flare)

Improved skybox model (higher poly, seamless textures)

Improved alpha channels for realistic cloud masking (sun does not shine through clouds anymore)

Enhanced visuals during rainy weather (new rain streaks, no shining sun through cloudy skies, fog, rainbows, rain intensity variations)

Realistic and soft bloom settings

New sound effects (rain and thunder)

Some improved ground textures

More realistic light flares and light behaviour / visuals

Improved particles

Total overhaul of night visuals incl. realistic and correct nightsky and star positions

Realistic looks of the moon

New loading screens

And this is by far not everything – there is more to come, as this is only the open beta.


Minimal Game Requirements:

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (64-bit) 1.35.xs – DX11 only

Minimal Hardware Requirements:

Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz


2 GB VRAM (Graphics card)

At least 20 GB available hard drive space

Recommended Hardware Requirements:

Quad core CPU 3.0 GHz

12+ GB RAM

4+ GB VRAM (Graphics card)

30+ GB available hard drive space on SSD (Future-proofing)

Naturalux mod serial

keep this mod top on mod serial

NaturaLux (ETS 2 Edition) – Main Mod – BASE

NaturaLux (ETS 2 Edition) – Main Mod – MODEL (1)

NaturaLux (ETS 2 Edition) – Main Mod – MODEL (2)

NaturaLux (ETS 2 Edition) – Main Mod – MODEL (3)

NaturaLux (ETS 2 Edition) – Main Mod – MODEL (4)

mod download link click here

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